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At NCTIK, we deliver you cost-effective, secure and reliable networks and Internet solutions for over 15 years. Specializing in MikroTik supported hardware and software, we’ve earned our reputation providing secure network connectivity to businesses.

What IT Consultants Offer

One-on-one Service

Get an expert attached to your business network to have a single point of support access. Get any help and the services you need in IT. Get a quote and pay based on usage.

Accessible MikroTik Support

You can contact your certified MikroTik Consultant by e-mail, phone or online. You chose the means of communication you prefer. You can request any services including priority support for any issues, network monitoring, firmware updates, etc.

Get Any Issues Solved

MikroTik Certified Engineers have a close-knit community. They’ll all make their best to solve any complex issues that may appear. What’s more, MikroTik consultants can request Wireless Netware support and you’ll get help from us directly.


I needed help with a

I needed help with a Mikrotik router and found Farid through their suggested technicians. I was very fortunate that he was listed. He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me where other IT guys failed. He was very fair and solved all of my issues. I can confidently recommend him to anyone needing help with networking and other IT services. He will certainly be at the top of my list whenever I need help.

Ken Perrino

After the fire department pulled

After the fire department pulled me down from the top of the building where I was shouting the plaudits and benefits of utilizing the skills of Farid Sani, it was suggested that I use this forum to speak of my satisfaction with his support on Mikrotik products. More readers can hear of my positive experience at this digital location, after all. Engage The Man Without Fear. You will be glad you did.

Jon Alvord

Are you looking for a Scalable & Complex Network design, Firewall, Centralized Network Management, Reliability, and Redundancy, Prioritize Network Traffic, Failover & Load Balance, Setup a Powerful Secure Wireless Network, Static & Dynamic Routing, Monitoring Software & want to be a part of MikroTik Consultant community?  is MikroTik certified Training  Partner in Raleigh, NC, we are offering all of the MikroTik Certified Engineering courses useful for Network Engineers, Internet Service Providers, Wireless Service Providers.

  • Deep Understanding
  • Built-in RouterOS Real-time troubleshooting inspection tool to give a better understanding of networking concept
  • Covers all aspects you need to start working in or to further study in MikroTik
  • Real Equipment, Real Environment
  • Free Level 4 RouterOS license
  • Online examination for MikroTik certification

MikroTik Training Courses


Duration: 3 days
Outcomes: By the end of this training session, the student will be familiar with RouterOS software and RouterBOARD products and be able to connect the client to the Internet. He will also be able to configure, manage, do basic troubleshooting of a MikroTik router and provide basic services to clients.

 Target audience:
Network engineers and technicians wanting to deploy and support:  

  • Corporate networks  
  • Client CPEs (WISPs and ISPs) 

Course prerequisites: The student must have a good understanding of TCP/IP and subnetting. 

Suggested reading: Search for “ipv4 tutorial” Test yourself with the 'example test' on


Course prerequisites : MTCNA certificate
Training outline Duration: 2 days
Outlines :Wireless Installations

  • Wireless Standard
  • Troubleshooting
  • 802.11n
  • Wireless Security
  • WDS and MESH
  • Wireless Bridging
  • Nstreme Protocol
MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer(MTCTCE)

Course prerequisites – MTCNA certificate
Training outline Duration: 2 days 

  • Packet flow diagram
  • Firewall filter/nat/mangle
  • Quality of Service
  • DNS client/cache
  • DHCPclient/relay/server
  • Web Proxy
  • Requirements Course prerequisites – MTCNA certificate​​​​​​​
Certified Routing Engineer (MTCRE)

Course prerequisites: MTCNA certificate
Training outline Duration: 2 days
Outcomes: By the end of this training session, the student will be able to plan, implement and debug routed MikroTik RouterOS network configurations.

Target audience: Network engineers and technicians wanting to deploy and support static and/or dynamic routed networks. 

Certified Security Engineer (MTCSE)

Training outline Duration: 2 days
Outcomes: By the end of this training session, the participant will be able to plan and implement appropriate security measures suitable for the network at hand.

Target audience: Network engineers and technicians wanting to deploy and maintain secure MikroTik device based networks.

Course prerequisites: MTCNA certificate

Group Training Course

We also offer group course for the companies like you, the benefit of this type of training is you could choose the topics and our focus will be based on the networking labs related to your network design. 

This course is designed based on different examples and practical LABs on the topics you requested for to make sure your team will get all the information they are supposed to learn.